How the GiftCar Works

Gift the experience of driving the fastest, loudest, most exotic cars in the world with Zadart GiftCars. The recipient of the GiftCar is sure to never forget this adventure and neither will you!

How Does it Work?


With the GiftCar you gift your loved one an exotic car amazing thrill, and give them the flexibility to choose from our fleet of super cars. 

You may select from our car collections - Dream, Exotic, Power or Sport and pick the duration- one hour, there hours or the full twenty four hours experience.

After making your purchase, you will receive the gift card through the mail in about five business days (and if you need it more urgently - let us know and we'll make it happen).

The recipient of the GiftCar can reserve one of the cars in the GiftCar collection by calling, emailing or simply coming to our showroom in Bellevue, Washington. 

What is Needed to Rent?

First, the GiftCar card itself must be present at the time of the car pick up, so do not lose it! 

Just as important - in order to rent from us, the driver must be older than 21 (25 for the Dream collection), must have a valid US drivers license, and must have sufficient comprehensive insurance for their own US personal auto policy.

The driver must present their driver's license, credit card, and an insurance binder that show the limits of the comprehensive coverage at the time of the car pick up. 

More on Insurance....

We don't sell insurance or collision damage waiver. Instead, virtually all US personal auto insurance policies cover rental cars as well and we rely on that coverage when the car is taken. 

The insurance policy must include comprehensive coverage of $100,000 for the Sport and Power Collections or $250,000 for the Exotic and Dream Collections. For policies that don't include sufficient coverage it is typically very easy and inexpensive to increase their coverage to the proper level.

We highly recommend calling your insurance carrier/agent to increase the coverage before arriving at our showroom - it will save you a lot of time.. But if you need help with that, or your carrier is giving you hard time for some reason, just let us know. We have worked with thousands of policies and know how to get it done!

If the driver does not hold a US personal auto insurance policy, coverage can still be obtained. Just let us know in advance since it takes a bit more time.


Where can the Zadart GiftCar Be Used?:

The Zadart GiftCar can only be redeemed in Zadart Exotic Car locations. As of now, we are only located in Washington State, about 7 miles away from Seattle. Please note that this is not redeemable in any other state and may only be redeemed through Zadart Exotic Car Rentals.

More GiftCar Questions?

Feel free to contact us in regards to the GiftCar by email or phone. We pride ourselves with excellent personal service and we'll always take the time to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you!


Call/Text: 425.922.3336