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Drive one of these fantastic cars from the Exotic Collection:

Lamborghini Gallardo: The Lamborghini Gallardo truly fulfills your dreams. This car is fast, fun, and ever so Italian sounding. It is the Lamborghini that America fell in love with. It hugs the road while the engine roars, and gets photographed at every corner by bystanders. If you’ve ever had a thirst to seize the road, this is your chance. How can you go wrong with a Lamborghini, anyways?

Ferrari F430: Designed to conquer the road and make heads turn. When you are behind the wheel of this Ferrari you become the center of the universe. The F430 is a true classic. The dominant Ferrari vehicle for years does not disappoint. Slick, fast, and loud, and that little yellow horse logo – everybody knows what it means. You always imagined yourself in a Ferrari – and this is your chance now.

Rolls Royce Ghost: This is the Rolls Royce of luxury cars. Literally. The Ghost is a Rolls to take when the parking is tighter and the chauffeur’s got the day off. Smaller, in the same way a tanker is to a supertanker, the Ghost keeps Rolls-Royce’s imperious manner but with slightly more bluff edges and not quite as aggrandizing a front grille. coming from a company that still refers to its products as ‘motor cars’ the Ghost retains old-world charm and luxury. 

Audi R8 5.2L V10: You've seen it on the big screen and you can enjoy it in person - the R8 is the car Ironman drives in all the movies, and for good reason: the Audi R8 is absolutely stunning with unique curves that designated it as one of the sexiest cars in the world. It is sure to make everyone incredibly jealous as you cruise downtown or accelerate on the highway . This car is loud, fast, and such a thrill to drive. With the sport option enabled, you can feel the Lamborghini engine's 525 horsepower being used at full force. What a ride, what a monster.

Bentley Flying Spur: Mulliner 51 Edition: The sharp, sophisticated silhouette of the Flying Spur hints at both the exhilarating, all-wheel drive power that lies beneath the bonnet and the unrivaled luxury within. Consider it the ultimate expression of the exquisite craftsmanship and design that characterizes the Flying Spur range. The Flying Spur offers a combination of details and features including an impressive upright chrome grille, and lower chrome bumper insert. As a result, it presents a muscular yet elegant face to the world, now further refined with a choice of striking new alloy wheels that underscore its remarkable capabilities.


Important Notes: 

  • The driver must be 21 years old and hold a personal auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage that covers the full car value or at least $250,000
  • A 1-hour experience includes 30 free miles, a 3-hour experience includes 50 free miles, and a full 24-hour experience includes 75 free miles. Excess miles are charged $3.75/mile
  • Pick up and drop off are at our Bellevue, WA location
  • The driver must sign the Zadart rental agreement
  • You can enjoy the experience for up to 24 months from the time of the purchase
  • Our fleet composition and car colors may change without notice

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