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Drive one of these astonishing Sport Collection cars:

Nissan GT-R: Zero to sixty in 2.9 seconds – Wow. This beautiful Nissan GT-R is already one of the fastest street-legal cars in the world. The GT-R is not only is this car an eye-turner, but it’s fast, loud, and one of the best driving experiences you will ever have.

Porsche 911:  Porsche made cars into an art form. The 911 driving experience — especially in convertible form with the top down — is all about engaging your senses. From the distinctive turbine-like whine of the rear-mounted flat-six engine to the way the car feels on different road surfaces, the 911 is a machine that's always communicating with you. It refreshingly embraces its sounds in an era when other luxury performance cars try to mute them.

Audi R8 V8: With its sharp, angular lines and exotic, glass-covered engine, the R8 has a wide and commanding presence that makes it impossible to look anywhere else.

 Aston Martin Vantage: The finest product of the British car industry - it is perfectly fitting that it became James Bond's car. Its proportions are timelessly beautiful yet the surfaces have a sculptural muscularity that conveys the dynamism of the driving experience. The purity of design speaks of its innate poise and the simple thrill of driving this finely honed drivers’ car.

Important Notes: 

  • The driver must be 21 years old and hold a personal auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage that covers the full car value or at least $100,000
  • A 1-hour experience includes 30 free miles, a 3-hour experience includes 50 free miles, and a full 24-hour experience includes 75 free miles. Excess miles are charged $2.75/mile
  • Pick up and drop off are at our Bellevue, WA location
  • The driver must sign the Zadart rental agreement
  • You can enjoy the experience for up to 24 months from the time of the purchase
  • Our fleet composition and car colors may change without notice


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